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Our Passion

Dr. Matt Driscoll has a passion for improving his patients’ health and getting them back to their daily activities with well-rounded, sustainable solutions. He is a life-long learner and is continually searching for progressive techniques to advance the healing process and overall patient health.

Dr. Driscoll holds a Doctorate in Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College, and carries advanced training in Active Release Technique (ART), the gold standard for soft tissue treatment, and Foundation Training. He completed his undergraduate degree in Biology at St. John Fisher College.

He currently resides in Webster with his wife, Kiersten, and their two daughters. Together they enjoy traveling, being active and volunteering at local area events.

Our Mission

To serve our patients by listening to their needs, problem solving to identify solutions, and employing a progressive approach to Chiropractic treatment based on Movement, Nutrition, Sleep and Breathing.

Reach Your Goals

We take a goal-oriented approach to healing. Whatever your goals might be we want to help you achieve them.

Personalized, Evolving Patient Care

We’ll provide individualized treatment in the office and education you can take home with you, enabling you to become an active participant in your recovery and future health.

Clinical Experience

Dr. Driscoll has years of clinical experience and a shared passion for helping our community stay active, healthy and strong. Dr. Driscoll is an avid researcher. He is a life-learner who prides himself on sharing knowledge and getting results for his patients.