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Our Goals

Driscoll Chiropractic will work to address your pain and discomfort in as few treatments necessary to get you back to doing what you love as quickly as possible. We will give you strategies to remain pain-free, the ability to return to everyday activities, and the skills to sustain long-term health and peak performance.


Overcome Pain

The approach to treatment and healing at Driscoll Chiropractic is to identify non-invasive, permanent solutions to overcome your pain and discomfort. Dr. Driscoll will listen to you, assess your situation, identify past challenges, and develop a personalized plan to resolve the issue using a well-rounded approach that promotes fast recovery.

What to Expect

Driscoll Chiropractic addresses the root cause of the problem by focusing on the patient’s neurology. Dr. Matt Driscoll will begin with an overall health assessment, and will then proceed through a treatment plan at the first appointment including:

  1. Patient history, assessment of challenges and understanding of patient goals
  2. Personalized stimulation and/or adjustment to improve function and performance
  3. Rehabilitation including strength and mobility improvement for long-term wellbeing
  4. Post treatment follow up via phone or email to align future therapy goals.